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Cape Town’s oil hub booms with Saldanha Bay

The quickly growing oil and gas industry in South Africa owes much thanks to Saldanha Bay. Saldanha bay is the hub of South Africa’s oil industry. Geographically, the area is highly accessible to supertankers plying an ocean highway that connects key markets in Asia,...

Major Gas discovery in Morocco

SDX Energy Inc, the North Africa-focused oil and gas company, has announced a conventional natural gas discovery at its LNB-1 exploration well in Morocco. The gas discovery contained heavier hydrocarbon components throughout, which is indicative of a thermogenic...

Recruiter spotlight: meet Zade Stafford!

CA Oil and Gas would like our clients and candidates to become familiarized with our consultants. Today, we are introducing recruiter Zade Stafford. To find out more about the man you might be working with, check out the Q & A we did with Zade Stafford below! MEET...
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