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The World’s Largest Shipping Vessel

Greater than the Maersk Triple-E*, the picture you see below is of the world’s largest shipping vessel cruising our seas known as the Pieter Schelte. The Pieter Schelte was built by the shipyard Daewoo in Korea with the aim to lift entire oil platforms off their base,...

Angola, Africa’s Second Biggest Oil Producer

The economy of Africa’s second biggest oil producer, Angola,  grew by 5.1% in 2013, below the hoped for 7.1%. Angola’s extra gross domestic product (GDP) came mostly from the non-oil energy, agriculture, fisheries, manufacturing and construction sectors. Growth is...

Types of Oil and Gas Roles within the Industry

Diverse roles and departments within the Oil and Gas Industry imply that they must be separated into particular tasks in order to ensure work efficiency. There are numerous ways of doing this; national companies may be divided geographically whilst international...

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