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Forbes Oil & Gas Leader of the Year Award goes to…

Nigerian businessman leader and founder of Aiteo Group, Benedict Peters was awarded the Forbes Oil & Gas Leader of the Year Award.

About Benedict Peters

Benedict Peters is a successful businessman, innovative entrepreneur and oil and gas industry pioneer. Peters is best known as the founder and CEO of the large-scale Nigerian energy conglomerate Aiteo Group. Aiteo is one of Africa’s fastest-growing energy leaders. Aiteo focuses on exploration and production, bulk petroleum storage, refining of petroleum products, trading, marketing and supply, and power generation and distribution. Benedict Peters has played a significant role in enhancing Nigeria’s ability to take charge of its natural resources and independently develop its energy infrastructure. Peters was awarded the honour as an acknowledgement of his significant contribution to oil and gas development in Africa by visionary leadership, distinguished service and transformational realignment of a sector dominated by International Oil Companies.

The Award:

According to the Editor, Emerging Markets for Forbes, Paul H. Trustfull, “Peters’ ascendancy in Africa’s Oil and Gas sector has been exemplary as well as revolutionary. His company, Aiteo, has thrived for about two decades – going from a downstream start-up to becoming a leading integrated energy conglomerate with strategic investments in hydrocarbon (or commodities) exploration and production.”

When he accepted the award, Peters dedicated it to all his Aiteo employees. In his thank you speech, he says, “The acknowledgement by Forbes as Oil and Gas Leader of 2018 is inspiring. It means a lot to me and the entire Aiteo Group. I am delighted that the International community recognises our contribution towards Africa’s self-sufficiency in energy and our aspiration to become a reference point for indigenous capacity in oil and gas. This award motivates us to broaden our vision for the continent, despite all odds, and accelerate her economic transformation. We believe that Africa has what it takes to lead the world and we will continue to push the frontiers of development through our investments in people and technology. The success of our Oil and Gas Upstream subsidiary proves that the future we envision in Africa rests to a large extent in the hands of Africans.”

This is not Peters’ only recognition. In honor of his pioneering contribution to Nigeria’s energy industry, Peters was named ‘CEO of the Year’ by Leadership News Nigeria. He was also appointed as chairman of the board of the Otuoke University Council where he makes use of his business acumen to guide the council’s activity, decide on operational objectives and devise strategic policies.

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