22nd Africa Oil Week: Shaping Africa’s Upstream Oil & Gas Sector

2015 marks the 22nd anniversary of this premier global oil & gas event for Sub-Saharan and North Africa, which is currently underway at the Cape Town International Convention Centre in Cape Town, South Africa.

Organised by Global Pacific & Partners and ITE Group Plc, the Africa Oil & Gas week is the world’s longest-established Conference and most prominent event dedicated to Africa’s upstream industry.

Africa Oil Week is the landmark Conference occasion for Africa and is one of the few world-class Conferences held annually at a continent-level for the international Oil & Gas sector.

What can you look forward to at the 22nd Africa Oil & Gas week?

Following the success of Africa Oil Week 2014 conference and exhibition, which attracted over 1,600 delegates, more than 150

  • Safari park exhibition
  • Exhibitors
  • Key oil & Gas industry speakers
  • Multinational Oil & Gas leaders
  • Government roadshows for acreage or asset transactions
  • The inaugural Africa oil & energy finance forum
  • Institutional oil and equity investors
  • Transaction advisors
  • Other representatives from growing service and supply industry operators across Africa’s oil and gas sector
  • High profile 71st PetroAfricanus Dinner in Africa (The PetroAfricanus Club is dedicated to exploration and development in Africa’s oil and gas Industry, focused on the upstream oil and gas-LNG business, across Africa)

Africa Oil Week 2015 is a must for anyone involved in the international oil & gas supply chain!

Free from Infield Systems: West Africa Oil and Gas Activity Map to 2020

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Infield Systems will be launching the latest edition of their West Africa Oil & Gas Activity Map to 2020, which presents current and future oil and gas fields up to 2020. This popular activity map is a “must have” for anyone in the industry who wants to keep abreast of changes in this dynamic region. The map will be available for free, from Infield Systems’ booth.

The aim of Africa Oil Week is to provide a high calibre and content-rich where oil & gas stakeholders can socialise, network, learn, inspire and shape the future for oil and gas in Africa as well as the economy of Africa.

I think that this Conference is doing great things for the Oil & Gas sector in Africa and in Oil & Gas; and it will only improve more with time.

Share your experience of the event with us!

Do you think that this event contributes to the growth of African economy as a whole?

 Do you have any suggestions for improvement?