Offshore Mauritania is making headlines in the global and African Oil Industry and if you would like to be a part of this, then send feel free to send me your CV today:

In a quest to identify and exploit ever-growing oil fields, companies are expanding their exploration activities to more remote locations such as the African Oil Industry. One of the final frontiers in oil exploration is Africa. Over the last several years, oil companies have pumped billions of dollars into exploration activities off the coast of Africa, placing a lot of attention on the African Oil Industry. While countries such as Nigeria, Libya and Algeria have large onshore fields, operators are increasingly going offshore to develop and exploit oil resources.

Regardless of the hard times Mauritania has gone through, the nation is turning into a key contributor in the offshore industry.  Discovered around 10 years ago, Chinguetti is an oil field off the coast of the country and even though it is not a massive oil field, it has produced more than 120 million barrels of reserves. Because it is an ultra-deep-water operation extraction costs are fairly low. Mauritania offshore is beneficial to global investors who are looking for ways to be part of African Oil Industrythe ever growing oil Industry in Africa.

As an integral part of the African Oil Industry, Mauritania’s offshore sector has many benefits for the companies seeking exposure. These benefits include:

Mauritania is situated in Northwest Africa, which means that any oil that’s discovered will find a natural market a few hundred kilometers north in Europe. This proximity to the European market is a massive motivator as to why many oil firms are interested in obtaining drilling licenses in the region.

Because Mauritania went through an overthrow, corruption (which does influence the international investment market) in the country has significantly come to a stop now that the country’s new leader is going about things with ethical standards.

Because Mauritania is still a country with lots more room to grow, many oil companies are able to buy drilling and exploration licenses from the government at a substantial discount.

The African Oil Industry signifies one of the last unexplored frontiers in oil, and Mauritania Click to view websitestands the chance to be Africa’s next oil hub.

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