Last year a survey was conducted that examined a search index exceeding 500 000 job openings which disclosed that the engineering sector has been thriving with increases in profits. The global industry has been thriving so much that the average salary increase for workers within this field amounted to roughly 6%. Throughout this year the predictions made concerning the industry have been correct with reflections of prosperity and fortune.  Essentially the engineering industry has become a tempting choice for job seekers proposing a varied set of career paths in which you can pursue. From aerospace, food production and beer brewing, to subsea, hydraulics and race engineering – there are great opportunities resulted from rapid changing technologies presented to engineering professionals across the world.

Covering everything from aviation, structural, CAD and controls to electrical, mechanical, hydraulics and sales engineering, webrecruit has provided the following research based on engineering vacancies worked on during 2012 and compared to 2011.

Demand increases within engineering sectors 2011 / 2012:

–          Controls

–          Electrical design

–          Electronics

–          Hydraulics

–          Industrial

–          Oil, gas, utilities & energy

–          R&D

–          Sales engineering

–          Graduate roles

Demand decreases within engineering sectors 2011 / 2012:

–          CAD (without mechanical and electrical)

–          Civil, construction and structural

–          CNC

–          Commissioning & installation

–          Electrical

–          Health & safety

–          HVAC

–          Maintenance & service

–          Mechanical

–          Mechanical design

–          Quality

–          Subsea & marine

 And those that remained the same, included:

–          Manufacturing

–          Process engineering, and

–          Surveying & estimating

EngineeringServicesTo try and overcome the issue concerning a lack of engineering candidates, initiatives such as increased apprenticeships are already taking place. However with this said the demand for engineering recruitment seems extremely promising and everlasting.  In terms of timing, if you are developing a career within the engineering sector keep going as right now the sector is at its most advantageous. Regardless of what exact qualification you achieved, age or sex, now is your time to get to know metal!

Some advice:

Be as diverse as you can be when it comes to building your knowledge and skill. Contemplate undergoing internships, sign up for volunteer programs, attend engineering focused institutions and/or even try Open University.

If you are seeking for a job within engineering and want to work somewhere in Africa, feel free to visit to view and apply for the most self-rewarding employment opportunities.