In Chad, petroleum is produced in the southern Doba basin, which is connected by a pipeline with the Cameroonian port of Kribi. The oil sector has the chance to change the future of Chad. The Doba Oil Basin is the centre of oil-sector construction and production estimates have been set at up to 250 000 barrels a day. The construction of the Doba oil facility has resulted in increased interest in the petroleum sector.

CA Oil & Gas recruits staff within the following product lines, Drilling & Evalutation, Completions & Production, Fluids & Chemicals.  The type of skills we are seeking from our candidates range from, Electronic, Mechanical, Directional, MWD & LWD, pipe recovery, geoscience, Cased Hole Completions (CHC), Wireline Logging, Perforating, Open Hole, Sand Control, Fishing Tools, Remedial & Stimulation, Inflatable Service packers, thru tubing, workover, wellbore clean up, Intelligent production systems, subsea completions, electronic submersible pumps (ESP), Reservoir Management, pressure pumping, tubular, Cementing, casing, stimulation, work string, coil tubing, fracturing,  drilling fluids, Environment, solid controls, waste management.