Mauritania’s economy is significantly supported by commodities and natural resources and the results of the offshore exploration would have a huge impact on the country’s prospects.

Mauritania commodity exports such as gold, iron ore and copper has also stalled and in turn has somewhat negatively influenced over all business sentiment. Resource development is crucial to Mauritania’s fortunes going forward.

CA Oil & Gas recruits for all African countries. 

Africa is currently going through and oil and gas BOOM! Africa is seeing major exploration and production happening across the continent. How amazing is this,  at the moment Africa supplies roughly 12% of the world’s oil‚ boasting significant untapped reserves projected at 8% of the world’s proven reserves. Africa has it all; from natural gas reserves amounting to 513-trillion cubic feet and with 91% of the yearly gas production amounting to 7.1-trillion cubic feet (mainly originating from Nigeria‚ Libya‚ Algeria and Egypt) Africa really is becoming the oil and gas King. 

Particularly with oil and gas exploration, East Africa is truly embracing the massive potential that could yield massive rewards.

Mauritania has onshore and offshore exploration and production. Oil and Gas activities include Exploration, Production, Gas, Oil, Refinery, Onshore and Offshore in the Nouakchott region. 

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