Finding a job in Angola: What you need to know

It is a lot more difficult to find a job in Angola by yourself than, say, an internal company transfer.  This is mainly due to the legislative requirements that governs expats’ entry into Angola.

Lifestyle in Angola

The standard of living in Angola is said to be one of the highest in Africa!

Expected Salary packages in Angola

Salary packages in Angola are quite generous, both for expats as well as locals. This is mainly due to the high standard of living in Angola.

Angola’s economy and Jobs

Angola’s Economy

Angola’s economy is predominantly driven by its oil & gas sector, which – along with its related sectors- contribute about 50% of Angola’s GDP. [Source: Forbes]

Major oil companies with well-established operations in Angola are the major employers of expats. These oil companies tend to employ people in the following jobs:

  • Engineers
  • Geologists
  • IT technicians
  • Petro-chemical specialists
  • Environmental scientists

Given the specialist nature of these jobs, the correct qualifications are essential to finding your desired job in Angola; not to mention that most Angolans are highly educated and skilled individuals. The legislation in Angola tends to only allow expats into Angola if the required skill is not found locally. So you would have to be exceptionally skilled in what you do to even be considered for employment in Angola. Otherwise, many positions are usually filled by internal transfers.

Jobs in Angola

Some of the biggest oil & gas companies in the world have operations firmly rooted in Angola. Most of these oil & gas companies work with recruitment companies like CA Oil & Gas, to find staff in the oil & gas sector to work in Angola.

You need to investigate these websites for the best oil & gas jobs in Angola. You can also find oil & gas job in other African countries. Here’s a few important links for you:

Jobs in Angola: (English websites)
Jobs in Angola: (Portuguese websites)

Are you an Angolan or an expat working in Angola?

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