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CA_Global_Geosciences JobsHere at CA Oil & Gas, we offer wide-ranging oil and gas jobs, and currently we have an exciting Geosciences Jobs for you on job board.

The earth is always changing and evolving. Scientists from all arrays are expected to understand the large range of variations taking place in the earth. Any of the sciences that deal with the earth, such as geology, oceanography, meteorology, and many others constitute Geosciences.  It is phenomenal how Geologists and Geophysicists use a number of methodologies and technologies in attempt to discover commercial build-ups of hydrocarbons. Specialties in Africa include Geology, Mud Logging, Formation Evaluation and Geophysics.

Earth Sciences

Earth sciences focus on understanding the earth’s structure, composition, and evolution. Earth Sciences specifically aim to gain a better understanding of the earth’s changing landscapes, formation of rocks and minerals, and the distribution of its mineral, water, and energy resources. Additionally, earth sciences provide predicting and mitigating methods that have an effect on earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, and landslides. Earth sciences include:

GeologyPetrologyPaleontologyHydrologyEnvironmental Science

Atmospheric Sciences

The atmosphere is what protects us from damaging solar radiation, and permits oxygen and nitrogen circulation. In order to add the latest understanding of the earth’s atmospheric behavior and its interactions with the sun, one needs to study atmospheric sciences. Atmospheric sciences include:


Ocean Sciences

Did you know that our oceans cover 70% of the earth’s surface? Ocean sciences are concerned with the physical, chemical, and biological properties belonging to the ocean and includes:

Physical OceanographyChemical OceanographyBiological Oceanography


Newest Geosciences Jobs available in Africa

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1. Account Manager (Petro-technical/E&P/Landmark) Mozambique

We are busy assisting a client in Mozambique to recruit a professional with Account Management experience for their operations in Mozambique. The Account Manager is required to speak, read and write English and Portuguese.

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