Rig Personnel

We specialise in supplying clients across Africa with quality rig personnel for big oil & gas operations. 

Qualified and efficient oil rig personnel is fundamental to the success of an operation and as a specialist African focused recruitment firm, we at CA Oil & Gas are able to provide you with skilled African Nationals and International Expatriates for all oil rig personnel positions. We recruit rig personnel from entry-level all the way to expert levels. 

Rig personnel are responsible for operating the drilling rig itself, makes up only a fraction of the total number of employees required to operate the rig. Positions of the core drilling rig crew include: rig managers, rig crew supervisors commonly called a toolpusher, drillers, assistant drillers, derrickmen, floormen. 

Rig personnel positions are responsible for operating the drilling structure and drilling the oil or gas well. However, in order for the rig to operate, a staff of technicians, engineers, and support staff perform vital roles throughout the drilling rig platform. Some of these positions include: installation and department managers, drilling engineers, electronic technicians, electricians, mechanics, welders, crane operators, deck crew, well control specialists, cooks and stewards. 

Rig Personnel

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