What industry do you work in?

Oil and Gas

What are your strengths?  

Self-motivation , determination  and dedication on targeting goals and results expected.

What inspired you to get into this sort of industry?

New challenges, manage environment issues such as waste recycle and management, environment protection, good practices for sustainable development . (Project of Seismic Acquisition and Drilling of Natural Gas Wells)

What is the most challenging aspect within your field of work?

Implementation of Environment Management Plan and Monitoring, some of the contractors were not well performed  to manage some tasks as recommended on EMP.

How do you manage and overcome these challenges?

All challenges are well come to my experience, I see the opportunity in these challenges to double my performance and to develop strategic mode of simple implementation involving all intervenients (contractors and subcontractors)

What has been the highlight of your career?

The highlight of my career has two special moments (two areas of work 2011 as Human Resources Manager was the negotiations between  the union and the employer on a big strike of operations paralysation  on Heavy Sands Mining Company I have been involved to find solution for both parts to stop it and returning the operations normally) and  2012 as Environmental Consultant, I have been appointed by good performance on implementing and monitoring all environment issues during the operations –SASOL).

If somebody starts as a trainee / beginner within your line of work, what could they earn in salary?

As trainee $ 4.000,00/Month.

What can this person expect to earn) after 10 years of experience?

In this point depends on the each company, normally the performance is monthly evaluated and from here it can be easy to determine if the person have competency and good performance to manage the tasks as well and to get salary increased or the real figure for the position in case.

What advice can you offer people who are in the same industry as you?

Always pushing the performance in their daily tasks  and try to be updated, in this industry (Oil and Gas) new methods and  practices (standards)  are daily published and performed

If you had to describe yourself in FIVE WORDS, what would they be?

  • High sense of responsibility
  • Honest
  • Determined
  • Self-motived
  • Conflicts resolution capacity

Where in Africa have you worked before?

South Africa and Mozambique.

As you know, numerous African countries are being invested in due to their rich minerals. Which country within Africa do you think will be the next hot spot and why?

Angola, DRC, Mozambique, and others because the high reserves of resources (mineral) and the boom of row materials which global market are looking for and African countries has large quantities to offer.

CA Global is a big believer in Africa, why do YOU believe in Africa?

I believe Africa because actually all global markets also believes that Africa is the actual solutions for their industries needs and only Africa with their resources can push up the global economy.