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Seafarers and Maritime Recruitment

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Seafarers and MaritimeWe specialize in Seafarers and Maritime Oil and Gas jobs. The Maritime Industry is a fundamental part of the Offshore Upstream Oil & Gas industry. Their crews, highly specialized seafarers, are the workforce behind these hi-tech sea-going machines. 

Whether focused on production, support, construction, maintenance or exploration, these seafarers require extensive qualifications to level up their skills, knowledge and rank, in order to match the expertise required by the demanding and ever-changing technology featured on these vessels. The reason for this growing technology: the discovery and production of Oil & Gas in areas which oceans would have never allowed otherwise. 

Within the Maritime Recruitment industry, we specialise in the crewing of AHT (Anchor Handling Tugs), AHTS (Anchor Handling Supply Vessels), Supply Vessels, ROV (Remote Operated Vessels), DSV (Dive Support Vessels), Crew Boats, Drill Ships, Exploration Vessels, Heavy Lift, Accommodation Vessels, Pipe Lay, Cable Lay and Construction Vessels. Within this specialist sector we provide Deck Officers, DPO’s, Divers, Engineers, Crane Operators and Maintenance Crew.

Seafarers and Maritime Recruitment

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