“I would like to take this opportunity to express my gratitude to you and CA Oil & Gas in the handling of my employment upon a Rig in China. I was impressed from the outset with how I was treated (the amount of work and time put in) from applying for the post, to landing at my work site and preparing for work. It was a pleasurable and stress free process. To this end I would recommend my colleagues in my field of employment to apply through CA Oil & Gas. I would also like to commend the company choice in accommodation and flights chosen for training and deployment to work site. All were pleasurable and an enjoyable experience. Lastly I would also like to state that since I have joined my worksite I have had a good experience and look forward to a continuing great relationship under your employment.” 

Mechanic, Offshore

“Many thanks Grant for all your trouble, for always answering to my mails straight away and for always being friendly and polite.”

Oil & Gas Maritime Specialist

“Like the FRENCH say, MERCI And the Portuguese, Muito Obrigado. It was a great pleasure to business with David and CA Oil & Gas. Much appreciate everything David did in securing my new job opportunity.”

HSE Officer, Offshore