As a Toolpusher, you will most likely be responsible for the following duties:

  • Toolpushers supervise and coordinate the activities assigned to workers who are engaged in drilling oil and gas wells in specific area’s  consisting of one or more well-sites. They direct workers to straighten, dismantle, and move drilling rigs, and drilling crews in setting up and operating power units, draw works and other drilling apparatus.
  • Toolpushers plan the delivery of drilling tools, fuel, water, and further supplies for use at the drill site.Tool
  • They are viable for ordering the type of drilling bits to be used, according to the type of strata encountered and also  orders installation of control head to control the flow when well begins to produce gas or oil.
  • Essentially Toolpushers are concerned with mixing drilling mud and circulating the mud in the borehole, as well as ensuring that blowouts from the gas pressure are prevented.
  • In order to regulate flow of gas or oil, they may supervise operations at the producing wells.
  • It is vital for Toolpushers to be open in performing additional tasks as described under the Supervisor Master Title.
  • May supervise prospecting drillers drilling shallow boreholes for use in seismic prospecting or to obtain core samples within shallow-exploratory drilling.
  • Toolpushers oversee rig personnel in erecting, dismantling, and transporting drilling rigs and related equipment and also supervise the preparation of equipment for impending drilling operations.

Personal skills for Toolpushers:

Proactive and safe work attitude
Team attitude
Good communication skills


Toolpusher (Drilling / Exploration / Offshore / Oil & Gas / Angolan) – Angola
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Toolpusher (Drilling / Exploration / Offshore / Oil & Gas / Mozambican) – Mozambique
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