Greater than the Maersk Triple-E*, the picture you see below is of the world’s largest shipping vessel cruising our seas known as the Pieter Schelte.

The Pieter Schelte was built by the shipyard Daewoo in Korea with the aim to lift entire oil platforms off their base, pick up the base itself, AND transport it all to the port—which is exactly what it achieves. The 382 m long, 124 m wide dynamically positioned (DP) platform installation / decommissioning and pipelay vessel has a topsides lift capacity of 48,000 tons and a jacket lift capacity of 25,000 tons. That is INTENSE to say the least!The vessel has a pipelay tension capacity of 2,000 tons.

In November 2013 Allseas announced plans to construct a second single-lift vessel LARGER than Pieter Schelte, which will be delivered in 2020. It is intended for installation and removal of the very largest existing platforms.


1987 –

Allseas launched the Pieter Schelte  concept; design based on two very large crude carriers (VLCCs)1999 –

Excalibur Engineering was founded to further develop the Pieter Schelte  concept

2004 –

New-build design, lengthened to 360 m

2007 –

Portals replaced by tilting lift beams


Lengthened to 382 m


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